Are you thinking about having your child baptized at St Peter’s? We love to welcome a new life into our church family and baptism is a very special way to express how much God wants to be part of your child’s life.

If you are thinking about having your child’s baptism at St Peter’s, we would encourage you to have the baptism during our usual Sunday services, if that fits in with your family. But whatever time you choose, we will welcome your child into our church family.

Baptism is an opportunity to thank God for his gift of life seen in your precious child. The service is a ‘big thank you’ to God for the new start that He gives us. During the baptism you and your child’s godparents make a promise to help your child grow to know God and learn to follow Jesus. The service is very simple and informal, but always includes the important signs and symbols of the cross, representing our faith in Jesus, water symbolizing cleansing and new life, and oil, as a sign of God’s Holy Spirit.

You can find more information about christening in a Church of England here

You can find more information about christening at St. Peter’s here. This information includes a form you can use to make an enquiry about a possible christening here.