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National Lottery Heritage Fund Grant Award for a Major Building Repair Project for St. Peter’s Church Macclesfield


We are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant of up to £121,500 towards the repairs of St. Peter’s Church Building (Macclesfield) and an associated programme of heritage engagement activities.

Made possible by money raised by National Lottery players, the project will focus on making critical repairs to the church’s north aisle and vestry roofs, together with essential repairs to the tower stonework and replacing the tower roof. At present the church building is on Historic England’s “Churches at Risk Register”, because of the very poor condition of these areas of the building and undertaking this work will enable the church to be taken off this register.

This announcement does not mean that the work can start immediately. Though an award has been made we won’t receive the development grant until we have got National Lottery Heritage Fund’s Permission to Start and agreed to the Standard Terms of Grant.

It is planned to start the practical work after Easter. Repairs to the tower will be undertaken first and those on the north aisle/vestry roofs will take place in July/August to minimise disruption to all users of the building. The building will remain open throughout the work, but the area under the north aisle and vestry roofs will be partitioned off while replacement of these roofs is being carried out.

As well as supporting this building repairs work, the grant will also contribute to the funding of a heritage engagement programme, which will create new materials to tell the past and present story of the heritage of our church. This is a great opportunity to reach out to our local community through the use of historical information, film and craft activities and we’ll be supported by local artists and experts in the work. The heritage materials will be developed in parallel with the building repair work and used in an open church and other engagement events in 2020.

The National Lottery Heritage Fund gave us a grant which supported the Development Phase of the project in 2018 and we are very grateful for the generous award of this Delivery grant, which will enable us to complete the project.

March 2019