In November 2018 marked 100 years since the end of World War 1. We remembered this through music and art focusing on ‘Building the Peace’.

3-11th November

A week of events to help us remember our own stories of conflict and resolution, focusing on how we restore and rebuild peace in our lives.

In 1918 countries which fought in the First World War signed an Armistice to end the fighting. It marked a desire for a lasting peace in Europe. But 20 years later they were at war again. You can’t take peace for granted.

100 years later we remember the cost of war, whilst looking forward and asking how we, as a community, can build a peaceful future.

Macclesfield team Parish planned a week of musical and artistic events shaped by the peace that is at the heart of our faith. We were inspired by the late David Wightman’s vision of bringing the community together to celebrate peace and hope as well as remember the times of conflict over the last 100 years.