Kites for Peace

Make a Kite for Peace

Kites are used throughout our world to symbolise hope and peace. They can lift your eyes and heart.

We worked with local schools so that local children could be involved in a kite making as way of tinvolving them in building the peace. The children made tails for kites and wrote their hopes for peace in their future along these tails. Led by Mike Thorpe guided the creation of an installation of the kites within St. Peter’s. It created a magical display when we put them all up inside the church. We also made a video of some of these kites being flown at the top of Tegg’s Nose. The kites provided telling images of human lives soaring above conflict.  Later these kites were displayed in the foyer of the Macclesfield Silk Museum. We are all fragile, but God’s Spirit lifts us to such heights. The kites helped us to remember our own stories of conflict and resolution, focusing on family stories and how we can restore and build peace in our lives.



You can get a copy of the KITES FOR PEACE PACK Here.