Tempus non fugit


You may have noticed that the tower clock isn’t going. This isn’t because of laziness on the part of those who wind it, but is because the pendulum has dropped off. In the picture you can see that the piece of spring metal which supports the pendulum and allows it to swing has sheared off where it connects to the clock’s frame. This is normal wear and tear: the spring is reckoned to last 50 years or so.

The good news is that the remains are now in the hands of Smith of Derby who maintain the clock. They will produce a replacement and return to fit it. At the same time they will also replace a worn brass cam follower that controls the chimes every quarter or an hour: these have been rather erratic recently.

Extreme Gardening at St Peter’s

What do you do when trees start to grow out of your church tower?

Trees, shrubs and weeds in general seem to find St Peter’s tower an ideal spot. For several years now we have had a problem with vegetation taking root on our bell tower. But how could we tackle it?? We had hoped that this could be dealt with as part of a larger project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, to make important repairs to our stonework and roofs, but our funding bids were unsuccessful .

Knowing that we had a very limited budget for this work we took advice from our church architect. He recommended a firm of abseiling stonemasons. They were impressive, in one day they cleared all the vegetation, carried out essential work to stabilise one of the pinnacles and provided a detailed report on the condition of the tower – all at a fraction of the cost of providing scaffold or ‘cherry picker’ access.