Praying for the Appointment of our new Team Rector


Advertising for a new Rector will begin again in this New Year. Please keep the recruitment in your prayers, in particular, praying that God will guide the person he has chosen for this role, to hear, and respond to, his call.  Would you also remember in your prayers those involved in the recruitment process, particularly Bishop Libby, those on the Selection Panel and our local lay representatives.

To help us pray together, St. Michael’s has decided that the Choral Evensong services on January 10th and in February (probably on Feb 14th, to be confirmed) will include times of reflection and prayer about how God chooses leaders in his church.  There will also be a day of prayer on Saturday 16th January at St. Michael’s, when the Savage Chapel will be available, early until late, for everyone to come and pray for a few minutes (or as long or as short a time as they like). Please note the dates.

For those of us at St. Peter’s, who won’t be able to attend the above events, the following prayers may help you, either in personal prayer or in our Intercessions on Sunday mornings:

O most Holy Trinity, come in your power upon your whole Church, and especially upon the one that you are calling to serve you in this parish; that the life and labour of our new Rector may always be guided, strengthened and upheld by your peace and your presence; who lives and reigns one God, world without end. Amen

Almighty God, You have given us the gift of life and the gift of your Holy Spirit. For these incredible gifts, we thank you. Help us to use them well. Deepen within us a desire to do your will. Help us to hear and answer your call to serve you. Guide us to the future that you have chosen for us as a community of your Church in this place. May your Holy Spirit keep us always close to your Son Jesus and help us to listen to Him and to follow his Word. Amen.