Lent Poems: along the way

These poems try to imagine the stories of people (and in one case an animal) who encountered Jesus during his journey up to Jerusalem and the week we celebrate at Easter. There is the story of a blind man meeting Jesus as he was approaching Jericho (Luke 18 vv 35-43) and Zaccheus the tax collector of Jericho (Luke 19 vv 1-10). It is a bit difficult to place the events in sequence with the story in the gospel of John (chapter 11) that tells us about the death and of Lazarus and his raising to life. Lazarus lived in Bethany, close to Jerusalem on the road from Jericho. John refers to Jesus retiring from Bethany to the desert settlement of Ephraim, which is thought to have been 10 miles north-east of Jerusalem, and returning to Bethany for the Passover Week. Maybe Lazarus died whilst Jesus was on his ‘retreat’. The Passover week began with a journey from Bethany to Jerusalem. On a donkey.

Each poem searches for the heart of each story and tries to bring that place close to our world. Each encounter tells us something about transformation: of unimagined possibilities and new realities. Following some of the poems there is a short ‘afterthought’ about the poem. Click on a title to read a poem.

(They are stored as Word documents to make them easier to read if you use a laptop. It may take a few moments for the document to download).