Living in Lockdown

We are all finding new ways to keep in contact whilst we learn to live with consequences of the Corona Virus. This page starts with links to conversations in which some members of the St. Peter’s community share experience during ‘Lockdown’. The page then has a picture board with photographs (hopefully with some captions) showing us getting on with life as far as we can in these strange times. Enjoy seeing your friends, thinking about them, praying for them and looking for an opportunity to let them know they matter! The page ends with a couple more videos and a link to the Hope Centre page.

Waterloo Moonscape: some exhibition images from Mike Thorpe

Click here to go to Margaret reflecting on the impact of Lockdown on younger people served by the YHA and how we should look forward to the future.

Click here to go to short videos in which Beth, Debbie and Emily tells about their experience of lockdown.

Click here to hear Beth talking about Scoop and Scales adapting to lockdown.

Please send in photographs to me at

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To find out about the work of the Hope Centre and Cre8 in getting food to those in need please click here.

Adam and Rachel were due to get married at St. Peter’s in May and had to postpone their wedding till next year. Click here for an excellent bit of rock music that Adam created with others (even beneath the extended beard) you may recognise…

And if you have been enjoying(?!!) a telephone helpline experience during lockdown you might recognise this…

And on a more serious note here is a link to a webinar about the initiative ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ and is titled ‘Thy Kingdom Come in Lockdown’. It lasts just under an hour. The link is

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Maz 1 April 2020


Jen &Harry 3 May 2020

Yes!! So lovely to see news from Mull. What a creative bunch of folk we have💕🌸🌼

Martin 8 June 2020

Great to see the people and range of activities. Thanks for posting.

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