Pastoral Support Groups

We now have Pastoral/Prayer Groups to cover our extended membership at this time when we are not meeting face to face because of the the Corona virus crisis.

We recognise that many good actions have already been put in place to care for and support each other. Please continue to do all these actions; the groups being proposed here are aimed at complementing those arrangements.

Aims of the Pastoral/Prayers Groups

  • To ensure that we keep in contact with everyone in our extended membership and ensure that no-one “slips through the net”.
  • To spread the activities over a number of people so that they don’t fall on just two or three people.
  • To make it clear to everyone whom they should contact if help or support is needed.
  • To provide a framework, which makes sure that all our families are included in the daily prayers each week.

Role of the Co-ordinator

The main responsibility for the group co-ordinators is to check that regular contact is being maintained with everyone in the group. This can be done through others in your group; you needn’t do everything yourself.

If anyone in your group has any specific needs, you or your group might be able to address this. If not, these can be passed on to Ali and our Leadership Team/Pastoral Care Group to decide how we can respond.

Contact Ali on