Practising music for the Carol Service on December 22nd

(186) Immanuel

(links to the songs are highlighted for you to click on)

There will be an old song to sing again but as a congregational song  – Joy has dawned (Getty music) – and a newish song to rehearse – Immanuel – by Michael Card. Have a listen on Youtube.

We would also like to work up some harmonies to one or two of the congregational carols as we did last year for Once in Royal.

Karen and Catherine will accompany some of the carols too which will be lovely.  We will also meet on Thursday 14 November and after that we will arrange future dates as per people’s availability.

So if you enjoy singing or playing come along and if you’re not free but interested let Judith or Mike know so we can keep you informed  We won’t mail the whole congregation again.

Judith and Mike