Sunday services

Our regular service takes place on Sunday at 9-30am. You are always very welcome, and we do provide activities for children and young people too. Because we start quite early we make sure there are cakes, muffins or other snacks, along with coffee and tea after the service (at about 10.30) – so you can survive without making time for breakfast!

During Sunday services there is an area for young children to spend time with parents in activities like colouring as well as a story-telling group where children are encouraging to think about the theme for that service in a format which is easily accessible for them. Each month we have three kinds of morning service:

1st Sunday Communion
2nd Sunday Morning Prayer
3rd Sunday Communion
4th Sunday This service is more informal than the others. After a short period of worship we have activities that may include craft, discussion and quiet reflection. Often there is an opportunity to choose which activity you prefer.
5th Sunday We usually have no service at St Peter’s on a fifth Sunday and you are encouraged to attend services at other churches in the parish.

On Sunday 30th December 2018 we will have a team parish service at St Peter’s at 10.30.


Information about the rota for each Sunday is provided on the calendar for each Sunday.


We normally use collects from the ‘Alternative Collects’ book. You can find other collects on the tab for Sundays in the menu.