Healthy Churches?

Caring for our spiritual life


During 2019 we used themes from the ‘Healthy Churches Handbook’ to think about aspects of spiritual well-being as a community. The bible has plenty to say about ‘being healthy’ in a physical and in a spiritual sense, individually and collectively. In choosing readings we were drawn to the accounts in the gospels of Jesus’ ministry to people who were suffering with their health and the ways in which he addressed their needs and the ways in which he asked people to address their own needs. We reminded ourselves that Jesus devoted his time to those who were struggling with health and life rather than to those who thought they were in pretty good shape.

So our thoughts turned to passages from gospels that focus on these incidents, particularly those in Luke. We were also drawn to passages from Luke’s follow-on book of Acts recounting early days in the church’s search for its road ahead. We have tried to relate these thoughts to the headings and sub-headings in ‘7 marks of a healthy church’. For Sundays till the end of April we have addressed the first four marks and tried to pick up the themes in that book, whilst focusing more on becoming healthy through encountering Christ than on being healthy. So we have used the phrase ‘caring for our spiritual life’ as an overall banner.

The list of readings and themes are presented in the table below so you could look at these before the Sunday when they will be featured in the talk. Some of the talks are also available on this web site. The picture below shows how we tried to express one of the themes in a church service.

Healthy churches Readings to April 2019

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