Waking up from 'Lockdown'

I suspect this ‘waking up’ could take us all a very long time… So how about marking its progress by sending me a photo or two of your steps along the way? Or send in some thoughts about the whole thing or some aspect that is really striking you? I will add to the page as things come in.

First up we have Jen and Peter telling us about their lockdown experience and what they are looking forward yo.

Click here to go to some thoughts from Terry on thinking about our collective future. It is titled ‘Prophecy begins at home’.

On Sunday 14th June we thought about 3 questions: (1) What have you most missed during ‘Lockdown’ (2) What or who has really helped you to get through ‘Lockdown’ and (3) What are you most looking forward to when ‘Lockdown’ end?

Here are some lovely pictures from John and Gill’s granddaughter, Natasha.

Here’s a picture from Maz telling us about what she is looking forward to…

The church gates have been starting to wake up … saying thank you… and looking forward to offering a welcome to the gardens and a space for meeting together…

And we’re waking up too (kind of…)

Here are some ways we could bring the gates to life…

And please, take a photo of yourself standing alongside the gate once you have added your decoration. I will add photos to this page as you send them in.

Click here for some reflections from Terry on reawakening our energy for life:’ Joe the Lion’.