World Development

As Christians we have a responsibility to speak truth to power and to stand up for the oppressed.

In an unequal world where more than 700 million people live in extreme poverty St Peters expresses its concerns about Global Inequality and Injustice through its involvement with a number of organisations and through regular support for Christian Aid  during Christian Aid Week in May each year.

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Aware of exploitative working conditions and wages below the cost of production for producers of some of our favourite commodities St Peters is a Fairtrade Church committed to using only Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar. Members of St Peters are involved in promoting Fairtrade within Macclesfield, encouraging the use of Fairtrade products and raising awareness of issues around trade justice. For more about Fairtrade go to

St Peters also has strong links with Global Justice Now, working to challenge the powerful and create a more just and equal world with members involved in its campaigns around trade justice and migration, taking part in letter writing campaigns, petitions and lobbying local councillors, MPs and MEPs as well as raising awareness locally.

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In a climate where scapegoating of the “other” is becoming more prevalent HopeNotHate (  ) ran a workshop empowering people to speak out against hate and racism.

Expressing solidarity with prisoners of conscience around the world St Peters takes part in the annual Amnesty International Write for Rights campaign ( )